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The Mice and the Mousey lady

If you click on the button below you will get to know the mice and I, find out how the mice started and why you should buy a little felt friend

Making your own mouse 

There are so many lovely mice but theres nothing quite like having your very own creation, click here to find out more

Where can you find the Mice?

The mice can be found all over the place, nibbling here, scampering there but here are the places that they really like to be


It’s a really lovely mousey community over on the Facebook page, if you would like to find out more by clicking on me and i’ll take you there


Instagram is new to us but this year we are on a mission to get the mice out there and make people smile all over the world, come join the love by clicking on my nose


Theres only going to be a few Market nights this year, that makes them even more spectacular x


Us mice are very loved over on Esty, If you’d like to hear what customers are saying about their new mousey additions  just click me x

The Challenge is…

We are on a mission to get more people smiling, any age, any gender. The mission is on. The feeling you get with the mice is a nice warm fuzzy feeling and the smiles they bring are infectious.

What we can do…

Spead the word, sharing is caring, the more people know about the mice the more people they can help.

Wedding Mice

A Stunning addition for your wedding cheese board or wedding cake making your special day that little bit more unique and special. You can have these dressed in many colours to suit your theme making a wonderful eye catching centre piece for your big day.

And if you are a guest, just imagine the brownie points you’ll get for gifting these wee beauties. Just imagine the couples faces light up when they unwrap your gift, they’ve already unwrapped their 3rd kettle and frame your, keepsake will stand out in its own right and they can be lovingly put anywhere in their new home!!

New Mouse

Say hello to SLASH, what a star he is and far too cool for school. With his luscious locks and rocking shades the mice are swooning all over the place.  He’s not here long so grab him while you can

What Our Customers Are Saying

Just like anything these days, a good reputation doesn’t come easy, the best way for you  to get a real taste for the mice is through customers testimonials. A mouse is a bit like your mothers homemade soup, it’s warm, comforting and gives you that feel good feeling. Like your mothers soup  you look forward to it, it draws you in and before you know it you’ve fallen in love x
But don’t take my word for it, the mice have touched many peoples lives and recived lots of possitive reviews and testimonals, just take a look……. 

I have  given several of these beautiful mice as well as received a few myself. They always bring a smile to peoples faces, including my own.

Each one tells it’s own little story.

A must have for every house…..a mouse 🐭

Emma L.

I ordered a mouse for my nans birthday because they are her favourite little animals. She absolutely loves it and now wants to collect them all 😂. Very well made, presented in a beautiful box and fast shipping. Will definitely be back for more! Thank you so much x Katie S.

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