The Mice and the Mousey Lady



Once Upon a time, many moons ago, Archibald the mouse came into the world. Full of charm and adventure this little mouse stole the hearts of many and even now lights up people’s faces where ever he goes. Little did she know when she creator this little guy that she would soon be known as the Mousey lady!

So, that’s me, Anna, Aka Mousey Lady, and this is the story of the mice and I. I honestly didn’t set out to be a mouse maker, but I’m so happy that the mice chose me.

As a child, I had 3 loves, ANIMALS, DANCING and DRAWING. I was that little curly, red haired girl, always drawing, always making teeny tiny things for her toys and creating stories to act out or to read to anyone (or thing) that would listen. Skip forward to having my own little girl to create for, making woodland animals for her to play with, a friend said I should sell them and so it gave it a try. The mice were a huge hit so I went with them and now the mice are travelling all over the world making people smile and As Nice As Mice was born.

When I get asked “but why a mouse?”

I want to shout from the roof tops “IT IS MORE THAN JUST A MOUSE!!”

Yes they are mice but they are so much more, each and every mouse has a story, they bring light into people’s lives and smiles upon their faces, they are

“Little mice making big Smiles!”

 The mice have played important roles in peoples lives, from wedding proposals, weddings, births, deaths and so much more and words simply aren’t enough a little mouse can say it all, bringing tears of joy.

Meet Achibald

Archibald is a wonderful character, and loved by many, he was one of the first mice and he hasn’t lost any of his charm, if anything he is like a fine cheese, better with age. 

When he is on his travels many have taken him on new adventures, you’d be suprised how this little guy evokes the inner child, lots of fun is had and imaginations go wild. 


So why a mouse?

Making People Smile

The mice are all about making people smile, it’s making connections and making people feeling better when they aren’t having the best of days. 

Put your trust in the mice

We understand that you don’t know us and you are trusting us to deliever, When you hold these mice in your hand, that’s when the magic happens, and boy do they deliver, photos don’t do the little mice justice it’s all about the experience of giving or recieving and holding the little keepsake and giving your mouse a forever home.

When words aren't enough...

The Nurse is a favorite when explaining that it’s so much more than just a mouse. 

When someone dear to you is ill and in hospital, sometimes it can leave you feeling hopeless and not know what to say, I know i’ve certainly been there. 
On some wards flowers are band, not only that, flowers come and go, but a dear little nurse mouse shows that you care and the fact they are a wonderful keepsake the mouse a winning present.  

A gift to be proud of giving...

A mouse is a great gift, not only does it light up the reciever face and make them feel rather special, a mouse gives you (the giver) that excited filling, the anticipation is so great you want to just want them to open it all ready.

So why a mouse?


The mice are made from a mixed felt and every mouse has a lucky penny lovingly hand stitched into the their bottoms to bring the recipiant good luck x

Can't live without

May have a slight tea addiction, as there’s always a brew on the go and maybe a chocolate biscuit or two consumed. Creating is what I do best, that and raising my little buddy here.


  The workspace is light, bright and looks out onto a tree which often has wild life hoping around in it. It’s rather tidy here but in reality it can get rather messy, the wee mice get all over the place.

If you need to chat

As I said, I love creating and very much open to suggestions, so if you have an idea for a mousey creation then please get in touch.

Little mice creating big smiles

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does it take to make a mouse?

It simply depends on the mouse, if it’s a standard design like a lab mouse of the Graduation mouse then five mice can be created in a day. However, a custom mouse takes a lot of time and effort as lot more goes into that little creation, so we say to allow 2weeks.

How Long does the whole process take?

Again, it depends on which mouse you have ordered but usually it takes up to 5-7days depending how busy it is for you to get your mouse in the uk, outside of the uk can vary. 

What is your refund policy?

If your product is faulty then send us an email with photos and we will look into replacing mouse for you. Our aim is to keep those smiles on those face so please get in touch with any problems. 

Unforunately the is not refunds for custom made mice.

What happens to my information?

We value our customers and want to look after you making your experience the best we can the last thing we want to do is share you so no information

Can I have my own mouse made?

Of course you may, you can get in touch by clicking the button at the bottom of this page fill in the form in the “Custom Made” section and we can have a chat about it. We love a challenge so happy to give it a try for you. The feeling you get holding your very own unique mouse in your hand and have it look up at you is magical!

Look forward to hearing what your dream mouse is x

What qualifications do you have to be a Mouse maker?

Yes, I have been asked this.
I have a BA (hons) Fine Art degree, little did I know I’d be using it to design and create mice for a living! I’ve always been creative and making things, particually when it’s picking something up and transforming it into something completely different.  The only sewing qulifacation I have is in GCSE Textiles, so everything else is self taught,  it is suprising how much you pick up over the years.